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Black shadow

Black shadow

In winter stillness of the night the Black shadow came out from behind a corner high-rise building, which frozen with cold. She paused for a moment share, as if sniffing the air, and began vigorously to gain altitude. Its rounded broad wings were almost motionless, but surely carried it to the third-, the fourth floor.
It did not go any higher.
Suddenly shadow stopped opposite windows of the fourth-floor, which were brightly lit from the inside. Then, as if changing its mind, she missed the balcony with attention, turned her tail to house, looked around and slowly glided into the dark. Several times, approaching the spots of dim light of street lamps, already on the move she wanted to change direction, but ... a step back, a lightweight nod down, and it rushed down to the goal again - unknown for outsider.
Only it knew - where is its aim.
Or it was looking for something? But the confidence with which it moved, left no doubt, - it knew what it was seeking.
Suddenly soaring up again, it reached her former height, in finally found the desired and with sharp pique rushed there. After quickly soaring flight, Shadow slowed, froze in place again, finally tried and only then perfectly straight, as if in an educational film, it made a soft, nice landing …

Black garbage Bag planned down with the height of the third floor in the wintry, blind from yellow lanterns mid-gloom and perfectly smoothly landed exactly into the bottomless of black emptiness of the gaping throat of one of the large green garbage cans and had the harbor here - quietly happy and completely satisfied with its life.

Oh!.. If only people would knew their place in this Life…

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